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Seasonal Tips

Year round tips for your yard

  • Don't mulch too close to the trunks of trees and ornamental plants. This may lead to rotting.
  • Adjust sprinkler system to avoid wasting water
  • Make sure your shrubs and trees are properly mulched. The mulch  moderates temperatures, maintains moisture, deters weeds, and enhances  the attractiveness of your yard.
  • When pruning, use caution to make a good cut at a slight angle about 1/4 inch from the branch
  • Pruning should be done in late spring or early autumn.


  • Spring is the ideal time for planting all around the country.
  • Warm weather, nutrient rich soil, and regular rainfall provide perfect conditions for plants to thrive
  • Treat for lawn pests such as grubs
  • Beware of killing frost
  • Lay warm weather grass sod
  • Test irrigation and have tools ready and sharpened
  • Plant perennials and annuals
  • Prune spring blooming shrubs after they flower
  • Aerate the lawn
  • Pre-emergent and herbicides can be used to control crabgrass should be applied around the beginning of May


  • Watering is essential! Watering at dusk and dawn is the best  time due to the absence of the sun's heat which will evaporate the water  before it has time to be absorbed in the soil.
  • Know the watering requirements of your lawn, trees, shrubs, and  ornamental plants to avoid drought stress, but also to avoid  over-watering which can be just as harmful as drought.


  • Fall is also an excellent time to plant
  • Make sure watering is adequate
  • Continue to water the lawn.
Plant bulbs which will grow in the spring
  • Most pruning should be done after the leaves turn, indicating that the plant is dormant.
  • As winter nears, protect delicate plants with burlap if you have experienced frost damage before.
  • Rake as soon as the leaves fall


  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Apply post-emergent to lawn
  • Plant or transplant trees and shrubs
  • Decide which branches should be removed from trees
  • Prepare flower beds with soil conditioner

Beware not to prune plants that bloom in the spring (do these after they flower in the spring)